Research & Projects

The department has the following research groups:

Theoretical High Energy and Nuclear Physics
Statistical Physics
Mathematical Physics
Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Physics and Electronics
Laser Physics

Research Projects:


Teacher Project Granting
(in million
A. Banerjee Micro-structural Characterization of doped Sb-Te based thermoelectric alloy UGC- DAE
0.9 2014-17
A. Banerjee Structural and thermoelectrical property study of n-type and p-type thermoelectric solid solutions and single and double phases nanocomposite DST-RFBR 2.4 2015-17
S. Dasgupta et al. De-congesting India's transportation networks using mobile devices ITRA 2.77 2015-17
A. Datta and A. Raychaudhuri At the Doorsteps of New Physics : Beyond the Standard Model through Dark Matter, Neutrino mass and Extra Dimensions DST 1.5 2016-19
A. Kundu LHC and Physics beyond the Standard Model CSIR 0.25 2013-17
A. Raychaudhuri J.C. Bose Fellowship DST 13 2010-20
P. Sen Application of statistical physics in problems related to social dynamics CSIR 0.8 2013-16

Scheme Project Granting
(in million
DRS II Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics and and Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics UGC 7.75 2015-20
INO R & D Efforts by University Groups for INO Projects DST 7.34 2013-18


India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO)
Compressed Baryonic Matter (CBM) experiment at FAIR

Department of Physics - University of Calcutta
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